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Organic or Conventional

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Reality TV: Real Housewives of

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Salmon Tea Sandwiches

The saltiness of these sandwiches was a great compliment to my crunchy and slightly sweet chicken salad sandwiches.  I made these the morning of the Mother’s Day Tea.  I started with pumpernickel slices because I love it so much.  I swirled cream cheese with minced fresh dill and spread the mixture both sides of the […]

Love on My Mind

Natalie Cole – I’ve Got Love On My Mind– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.


I was dragging into the office this morning and just knew that a nice hearty breakfast would serve me good.  Of course, I wanted the breakfast to be healthy too as I’m trying to maintain my girlish figure.  I headed to the cafeteria and ordered turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, wholegrain toast, and grapefruit.  Go me, healthy […]

I’m BACK!!!

After a wedding marathon weekend, I am happy to be BACK!   How was your weekend?

Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

My chicken salad is very simple.  I just use seasoned roasted chicken, celery, and a little mayo.  I also like to season the chicken salad with fresh dill but I omitted it this time as one of my tea party guests doesn’t like dill. I made the chicken salad in advance and assembled the sandwiches […]

Memorial Day Weekend

I’ll be spending this Memorial Day weekend at weddings.  Some may call it wedding hell.  There’s a wedding today (Friday), one Saturday, and two on Sunday.  The Sunday weddings require a flight and a 2 hour drive from the airport – each way.  I complain but I’m happy to do it b/c I want to […]

Mother’s Day Tea

It was such a nice affair. The quote of the day came compliments of my mother: “Tea? I was expecting fried meat and some rice. Hmph.” Yes, my Mama can be quite the trip. The guest list included my mother, godmother, grandmother, and sister. I decorated the table with a pink and purple bouquet and […]


Website 633 D Street NW Washington, DC 20004 (202) 637-1222 Overall rating –>; 3 stars (out of 3) The restaurant was well appointed with all decor pointing to an elegant, and maybe even romantic, evening. While the decor didn’t scream INDIAN, slight touches here and there called the cuisine into mind. Parking in the area […]