Jimmy Dean All Natural Pork Sausage

Pork, water, corn syrup, salt, spices, sugar, and monosodium glutamate.

Those are the ingredients of most breakfast roll sausages.  The first two don’t bother me.  The corn syrup plus sugar gives me pause.  Why would they sweeten the sausage and if they must, why two different sugars? And the MSG has me putting it back on the grocery store’s refrigerated case and moving along. 

I avoid MSG and won’t feed it to people I love except when I’ve fallen down the pork rind rabbit hole.

The problem is in making dirty rice and stuffed veggies.  The roll sausage is a vital ingredient and it’s hard to replace the flavor with other ingredients.

Jimmy Dean All Natural Pork Sausage

Jimmy Dean All Natural Pork Sausage

But guess what I found yesterday.  JIMMY DEAN ALL NATURAL PORK SAUSAGE.  The ingredients are pork, water, salt, sugar, black pepper, sage, and red pepper.   No corn syrup and no MSG.  This is something I can get behind.

I bought a roll and stashed it in the freezer.  I just might use it to make stuffed baby peppers for my Mother’s Day tea.


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