Mother’s Day Tea

I’m hosting a Mother’s Day Tea this weekend.  I can’t wait to pull out my beloved Japanese tea set and make a few nibbles for everyone to enjoy while socializing.  I’m still finalizing the menu but here’s what I’m thinking so far.


The chicken salad will be served on baby brioche (if I can find it) or on baguette rounds.  The salmon sandwiches will be served on pumpernickel bread with a dill cream spread.  I’ll add either spinach or thinly sliced cucumbers to add texture.  I’m thinking of blanching the asparagus and drizzling lightly with a mustard vinagrette.  I’ll serve it cold.  I’m still working on the lemon bar recipe – my family loves lemon desserts so they’ll be a huge hit.  Finally, I found a recipe for the chocolate cake.  I’m tweaking it to replace the orange flavor with either almond or with a Mexican chocolate flavor.  So I’m still thinking about the amount of almond extract or cinnamon I’ll need to add.  Actually, maybe I’ll do both.  LOL.


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