Mother’s Day Tea

It was such a nice affair. The quote of the day came compliments of my mother: “Tea? I was expecting fried meat and some rice. Hmph.”

Yes, my Mama can be quite the trip.

The guest list included my mother, godmother, grandmother, and sister. I decorated the table with a pink and purple bouquet and each place setting was decorated with a bud vase containing a single pink rose. We used my tea set from Japan (one of my favorite possessions) and white salad plates.

I served Community Coffee with Chicory, hot English Breakfast tea, and unsweetened iced tea that I’d squeezed 1 fresh lemon and 1 fresh orange into. The first course consisted of mini muffins (blueberry, lemon poppy, and cranberry), cherry pastries, and chocolate chip scones. The next course included Chicken Salad sandwiches, Smoked Salmon Sandwiches, and PB&J sandwiches. I also served grilled shrimp on skewers. The final course consisted of lemon bars and Mexican chocolate sunken cakes.

We sat around for hours, just talking and reminiscing. My grandmother had 2 cups of coffee and two chocolate cakes (she LOVES chocolate). Mom and Godmom raved about the chicken salad sandwiches and hot tea. All seemed to enjoy themselves and they went home with souvenirs! I wrapped the cut stem of the roses in wet papertowels, placed them inside a plastic sandwich bag, and used a rubber band to seal them shut. They were able to take the roses home to enjoy for the rest of the week.

And regarding the fried meat… I made oven fried pork chops the day before for my brother. I packed them with caramelized onions, a baked potato, and steamed green beans and was able to send dinner to my father and godfather. Whew — I fed all the parents in one day and wasn’t totally worn out.

The Mother’s Day Tea was a huge hit. This just might become an annual tradition.


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