I was dragging into the office this morning and just knew that a nice hearty breakfast would serve me good.  Of course, I wanted the breakfast to be healthy too as I’m trying to maintain my girlish figure.  I headed to the cafeteria and ordered turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, wholegrain toast, and grapefruit. 

Go me, healthy and hearty. 

Yeah right.  The stupid cafeteria messed even that up.  Argh!!!  My toast was slathered in butter, the eggs had cheese in them, and the sausages were pork. 

I ate the grapefruit, a smidgen of sausage, and chucked the rest.  I’ve since been subsisting the grapefruit gummy bears (which are so yummy I think the devil may have made them). 

Looks like I need to wake up earlier and eat breakfast at home.


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