What’s For Dinner

I picked up this week’s CSA booty last night.  I ended up with spring onions (they’re becoming quite the staple), garlic scapes, salad greens, mustard greens, oregano, and thai basil.   I was so exhausted after fighting rush hour traffic to get the pick-up site, fighting rush-hour to get home from the pick-up site, and playing tennis with Milk that the veggies sat out all night.  None seemed to mind too much except the salad greens (they were a wilted mess this morning).

Sooo… at the house I have grilled chicken, 1 small grilled croaker, and about 1/3 lb of grilled steak leftover from Sunday’s Man.Meat.Fire event.  I also have the normal seasonings and fixings including fresh herbs (mint, basil, thyme), olives, and garlic.  And I have some tomatoes, mangoes, and peaches that I want to use pretty soon.

So help me out people.  What’s for dinner tonight?


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