Flower Arrangement

Alive and still kicking. Let’s see what they look like when I return next week.


**Edited: Clearly posting from my phone didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped.  I don’t know how to fix it so, if you don’t mind, just crane your neck towards your right shoulder a bit.  Teehee…**

I bought these flowers at the grocery store on Sunday.  $10 for a bunch of sunflowers and a bunch of gerbera daisies.  And the colors match my beloved Washington Redskins.  I cut them to fit the vase I had on hand and used a rubber band to keep the stems just so.  And there you have it, my floral arrangement.  And 4 days later, they still look fresh. 

My only concern is that they suck up water.  I have to add water to the vase every two days or so.  Let’s see how long they will last.


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