I haven’t yet perfected my salsa recipe.  While my red and mango salsas have good flavor, the texture is not quite right.  This is largely due to my desire to avoid chopping by hand.

The last time I made mango salsa, I tried to pulse it in the food processor.  I ended up with spicy mango mash.

My last attempt at red salsa in the blender ended with great flavor and a watery soupy texture.

It seems it is in fact possible to make red salsa without hand chopping, I just haven’t figured out how.  I’m looking into either using the food processor to process each ingredient separately OR buying a food chopper.  I’m just not convinced the food chopper is any different from the food processor I already have at home. 

Any ideas?



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    You have to process each ingredient separately. The consistency you desire for tomatoes is different from that desired from onions. Further, they will all chop/process at different speeds. One more tip from a former pro: always cut your jalapeños by hand so that you can control the inclusion of seeds and therefore the heat. OK, one more tip: please remember when making salsa a day in advance the heat will intensify overnight in the refridgerator. OK, I lied, one final tip: if you want chunky salsa, there is not a single processor in the world that will cut accurately; if you want to prep with speed a mandolin is your best bet.

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    Thanks for the info. I’m trying it this morning.

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