The 14-day Challenge

Friday marked the last day of my 14 13 day challenge.   And before I gobbled down a breakfast loaded with carbs on Saturday morning, I had my final weigh in.  Here are the results:

Weight: – 5.8 pounds

Waist: – 1.5 inches

Hips: – 1 inch

Thigh: – 1 inch

Arm: – 1 inch

I’m judging this diet a HUGE success.  While I certainly would have loved to lose 10 pounds, I’m quite happy with the almost six and thrilled with the all around decrease in inches.

I struggled with the exercise part of the diet.  It seems I’ve injured my ankle so there are some days it hurts to even walk on, much less exercise on.  Then, I fear that I overcompensate for the hurt ankle and ended up with pain in the other leg.  *sigh*  Altogether I got in 2 good workouts and spent an additional day doing heavy duty yard work (which should count as a workout).  So that was half the exercise I should’ve gotten.  I seriously failed that part of the challenge.

The food part was actually easy as long as I prepared in advance.  I packed snacks for the week so I just had to grab a couple as I ran out the door for work.  I kept the house stocked with fruit and I made the most of Milk’s stir-fry pan, our CSA veggies, fresh herbs from the garden, and liberal seasonings (including hot peppers, yum!).  I kept a can of almonds on me at all times and would snack on them as needed.

I did struggle with that unanticipated trip to NYC.  Work called and to NYC I went.  It was all cool except for the difficulty in staying on the diet and avoiding carbs when not at home.  It was as though they were tempting me while there, trying to see just how committed to the diet I really was.  Cupcakes and ice cream, kettle chips, tortilla chips and salsa, Italian from Carmine’s, BBQ from Virgils, and Lucky burgers, fries, and shakes all made their way into the office.  I just said no.  Milk was really my salvation because I didn’t want to cheat on the diet while he stuck to it.  It also helped that eggs were my friend and I started each day with a hearty omelet.  Now I need a special trip back to NYC just to eat all of the things I had to avoid while there.  Things like burgers and concretes from Shake Shack, mac n cheese at Eatery, german chocolate cake from Make My Cake, pad thai from Pongsri, roasted chicken with yellow rice and beans from the Cuban hole in the wall around the corner, sushi, pizza from Big Nicks, banana bread from ‘WichCraft… and the list goes on.


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