Z burger

zburgerZ Burger

4321 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Washington, DC

(202) 966-1999


Rating –> 3 stars

Headed to Z burger last night for the trifecta: burgers, fries, and shakes.

Their are two locales, both on Wisconsin Avenue. The Glover Park location doesn’t have shakes (but is right next door to a ice cream shop) so we headed to the Tenleytown location.

The place is clean with ample indoor and outdoor seating. The comparisons to Five Guys are fair as you order at the counter and wait for your number, fries and burgers are freshly prepared, and burgers “look” like what you’re served at Five Guys.

But here is where Z Burger excels: no peanuts and boxes lying around to junk up the store; diverse menu including turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and cheesesteaks; over 40 different milkshakes available; excellent customer service with our order brought to us tableside; a bigger bun that can stand up to the burger; and onion rings.

Be sure to try the Z sauce. While it tasted eerily similar to Thousand Island dressing, it worked out well. People are bound to either love or hate the onion rings: they’re covered with thick batter (reminds me of funnel cakes) and are light on the onion flavor. The seasoned fries were tasty but likely contributed to the unquenchable thirst I experienced later that night.


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