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Can Lady

\”Bag Lady\” by Ms. Erykah Badu But really, I’m the can lady. Well, maybe not yet. But look at what I spent my weekend doing…  


Tah-dah!  Behold Milk’s famous chili. He makes this several times a year (never in the summer) and last year even gave me some to freeze and save for later.  Now I tried to get a recipe to share but it seems that the chef didn’t measure anything.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  The chef remarked that […]

Restroom Etiquette at Work

Restroom Etiquette for the Office

Nutrition Books

Hey Readers! Can any of you recommend a book on nutrition?  Ideally, I want a book that covers the digestive process and how specific foods may affect the typical digestive process.  I also want a better understanding of the links between the digestive system and the immune system. If you have any recommendations, kindly leave […]

Farmer’s Market

I thought peaches were done.  No seriously, in my mind Labor Day is the official end of peach and often tomato season.  My CSA is no longer offering peaches.  And I’ve watched the price slowly climb in the grocery store from $0.99/lb. in mid-summer, to $2.49/lb. now.  And tomatoes, well here again my CSA has […]

My Decision

Thanks to all who chimed in on my post regarding those twelve effing pounds.  I appreciate the encouragement.  You all helped to turn a very crappy day into one that wasn’t so bad.  I’ve taken the many suggestions into consideration and have an initial plan. I know I need to keep a food diary because […]

In Search of CSA

This is my first year as a CSA shareholder (if you don’t know what that is, look here, here, and here for more info, I’ll wait).  I’m past the halfway mark and have some pretty strong feelings about my current CSA thus far.  Now to be clear, I think CSA shares are great.  It’s a […]

12 Pounds

At my doctor’s appointment, I weighed 12 pounds more than I had at the last visit. The last visit was 6 months ago. 12 pounds in 6 months. I’m disgusted. Just thinking about it upsets me.  This is the 6 months where I’ve been cooking more, exercising sporadically, eating lots of produce, and subscribed to […]