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Thanks to all who chimed in on my post regarding those twelve effing pounds.  I appreciate the encouragement.  You all helped to turn a very crappy day into one that wasn’t so bad.  I’ve taken the many suggestions into consideration and have an initial plan.

I know I need to keep a food diary because I’m a pretty healthy eater — at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, no fast food, no fried foods, avid label reader.  And even with my love of chips, I’ve found packs 1/2 oz. packs of Utz so I just buy those and limit myself to one a day.  There’s clearly something going on that I’m unaware of.  So, I joined My Food Diary to keep track of my food intake.  It also allows me to record exercise and my weight and inches progress.  I like this site because it’s something I can do when I have time instead of at a set time.  I just write everything I eat and any exercise into my notebook and enter it into the computer when I can grab some downtime.  Plus, they have a mobile application which is great for someone who’s on the go as much as me.  It costs but only $9/month (which I easily save by bringing my lunch every day).  I checked out the Daily Plate, which seems to have similar functionality and is free.  The real difference is in entering the food items.  The Daily Plate seems to work somewhat like Wikipedia with user entries that aren’t verified.  They also allow duplicates, multiple duplicates.  The info seemed mostly accurate, but I just didn’t want the privilege extra time of sorting through 10 different entries for regular Sabra hummus.  I did like that they allow you to enter the actual time of eating instead of just categorizing it as a certain meal/snack. 

I’m still considering dietary engineering.  Besides weight loss, it helps your body to heal faster – which I desperately need.  It also does a great job of tagging foods that negatively affect your body.  You know, you eat a steak and feel like a big slug.  Or you drink milk and can’t stop coughing all day.  Well, that can be slightly different for everyone.  Those I’ve talked to who’ve tried this program rave about how much better they feel and heal.  But they also stress what a commitment it is — both financially and otherwise.  So I’m not sold on it but am still mulling it over in my head.

I’m also considering a specific bariatric practice.  They have a long-standing and well respected medical practice that helps people lose weight.  It really focuses on those who need to lose 20 pounds or more.  Their programs vary depending on how much weight you need to lose but a quick sampling of people I know who’ve gone indicate there are weekly office visits (not covered by insurance), vitamin B shots, appetite suppressants, and restrictive diets.  While I certainly believe I can lose weight on this program, I’m not sure I can spare the time, it seems expensive, and I wonder about the ability to keep the weight off.

I’m taking the steps at work and will get an exercise ball and some other tools to get in some quick exercise at my desk.  I really love the exercise at your desk idea and that could work for me since I’m at work so much.  I’m in search of some books/magazines/websites with specific exercises I can do.  I’m also talking about going back to my morning exercise routine.  And, I’m pushing for some remedies to this recurring injury that keeps sidelining me.

I’m weighing myself every morning.  I know this is fake weight loss, but this morning I weighed 1 lb less than yesterday.  One full pound.  That provides some motivation at a time when I can use all I can get.

Thanks again to all who weighed in yesterday.  While the sun is not (yet) beaming brightly in my world, I can clearly see it peeking between the clouds.


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    This is a good start, Donna! I’m with you!

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