Farmer’s Market

I thought peaches were done.  No seriously, in my mind Labor Day is the official end of peach and often tomato season.  My CSA is no longer offering peaches.  And I’ve watched the price slowly climb in the grocery store from $0.99/lb. in mid-summer, to $2.49/lb. now. 

And tomatoes, well here again my CSA has been warning that we’re on the tail end of them.  I’ve been getting less tomatoes each week (not that I was ever getting very many), and the grocery store no longer has them in the huge bin with the *LOCAL* sign.

Well, imagine my surprise at the DuPont farmer’s market.  Tomatoes and peaches were everywhere.  Sure, there weren’t nearly as many stone fruits as at the beginning of the summer but there was still an ample selection at prices effectively unchanged from earlier this summer. 

So those in the DC Metro, check your local farmers market.  They may still have a little taste of summer.


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