Menu Planning

My CSA has ended, so now it’s back to the grocery store for food.  Initially, I was cooking the same way I had during the CSA months, just making a meal out of whatever yummies were on hand.  Well you know what happens when your CSA has ended and you don’t go grocery shopping???  You have nothing on hand.  It took me a while but I finally figured that one out – LOL. 

Once I made the connection, I headed to the grocery store post-haste.  I grabbed some fruit, a roasted chicken, bread, smoked salmon, almond butter, and checked out to the grand total of $80.  How I spent $80 on items that couldn’t even be turned into a meal I will never know.  But I’ve vowed to not let that happen again.

So now I’m trying out meal planning.  I’ve never done it before as I’ve always been an eat out 3 times a week kind of woman.  This first week has been a bit overwhelming.  After much contemplation, I settled on 3 different meals: turkey tacos with salad, chicken pho soup or something like it, and jerk chicken (or shrimp or scallops) with potatoes and greens.  I made 1 trip to the grocery store (no more running in for one item and coming out with 10) and picked up all we’d need to keep ourselves happy and fed for a week.  Grand total – $80.  Funny how that worked out, right?

Do you menu plan?  Why?  Any tips on making it less overwhelming?


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