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I was so tired last night I went to bed sans dinner. Instead, I offer you a photo of today’s lunch.

10 AM

Buying ingredients and prepping my ropa vieja


Give, Support, Volunteer


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

My View Today

Depressing, I know.

Ok, I’m in

Thanks to Babs, Tiffany in Houston, Nerd Girl, and a host of others, I’m going to get my blogging back in gear (I hope).

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to Everyone. I wish you a peaceful 2011.

Blizzard Survival Guide

After being socked by 20 inches of snow the was quickly followed by another foot of snow, I’ve learned a few things. Shovels: You need a shovel for every available shoveler in your house, at least one back-up shovel, and repair tools (nails, screws, drill bits).   When shoveling feet of snow, something will break.  If […]

Chipotle Chile Pepper

I use this as a substitute for fresh hot peppers (jalapeño, serrano, etc.) when I don’t have fresh on hand.  It’s great for chili, guacamole, and grilled chicken.