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Chicken Pot Pie

This Valentine’s Day, we decided to skip the restaurants and make dinner together at home.  After much contemplation we settled on making a chicken pot pie.  A survey of the internet turned up tons of recipes — Rich Chicken Pot Pie, Moroccan Chicken Pot Pie, and Marshall Field’s Chicken Pot Pie are just a few […]

Coffee Cake

I’m thinking of whipping up some coffee cake this morning. I’ll use an old family recipe that I can’t share but click here for lots of recipes you too can use. I’ll halve the recipe because I’m watching my weight and don’t want such a large pan of sweets around the house.  I’ll also press […]

Morning Glory Muffins

Since Pret no longer carries the carrot muffins I love so much, I’ve been looking for other ways to get my fix.  The Pret muffins were in a dark spice batter packed with carrots, raisins (I think), and coconut.  I’m sure it was a take on Morning Glory Muffins so here I go trying to […]

Cheddar Corn Biscuits

This is a recipe I save for special occasions.  Try it at your own risk — they are super addictive and heat up well in the microwave the next day. Ingredients: 1 cup flour 1 cup of ground corn flour (I use this, but you may be able to substitute with superfine cornmeal although you’d […]