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Chicken Pot Pie

This Valentine’s Day, we decided to skip the restaurants and make dinner together at home.  After much contemplation we settled on making a chicken pot pie.  A survey of the internet turned up tons of recipes — Rich Chicken Pot Pie, Moroccan Chicken Pot Pie, and Marshall Field’s Chicken Pot Pie are just a few […]

Buffalo Wings

I really truly love buffalo wings.  They are hot, crispy, and when done right, tender.  And the pairing with blue cheese dip and celery sticks is wonderful.  I LOVE celery sticks and often eat them with my sandwiches.  Pairing with hot spicy wings and cool blue cheese is perfection indeed. There are buffalo wing purists […]


I tried my hand at homemade pho.  And let me tell you, it was fantastic. An experiment for sure, it’s being added to the rotation as a regular meal.  I decided to try pho mainly because it’s been cold and rainy here and I had the leftover chicken carcass from last week’s rotisserie chicken. I […]

Greek Chicken

This is always a hit.  The heavy seasoning just makes it taste so much different from normal fare.  I make it differently each time, last night on the grill b/c it was too hot to turn on the oven.  The original recipe is compliments of The Washington Post.

Chile Chicken

At Tuesday’s CSA pickup I was giving a stalk of epazote and cautioned to use it sparingly.  Epazote is an herb added to beans to help reduce gas.  After getting the veggies home, my mouth immediately began craving chile coated chicken to accompany the black beans I just HAD to make. Ingredients 1 lb. of […]

Chili Coated Chicken

Last night’s dinner.  The chicken is accompanied by black beans and yellow rice, steamed broccoli, sauteed onions and peppers, and mango salsa.

Making it With Leftovers

What was for dinner last night? Steak & chicken quesadillas Chop up the leftover grilled steak and chicken into bite sized pieces.  Saute it with a chopped tomato, 1 chopped spring onion, 1 chopped garlic scape, and a few shakes of dried cilantro. In another pan, I toast the bottom of a large (burrito sized) […]

Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

My chicken salad is very simple.  I just use seasoned roasted chicken, celery, and a little mayo.  I also like to season the chicken salad with fresh dill but I omitted it this time as one of my tea party guests doesn’t like dill. I made the chicken salad in advance and assembled the sandwiches […]

Mother’s Day Tea

I’m hosting a Mother’s Day Tea this weekend.  I can’t wait to pull out my beloved Japanese tea set and make a few nibbles for everyone to enjoy while socializing.  I’m still finalizing the menu but here’s what I’m thinking so far. Menu Chicken salad sandwiches Smoked salmon sandwiches Shrimp skewers Asparagus spears Lemon bars Sunken […]

Chicken Scarpariello

I just came back from vacation and as always, my body has been craving comfort food and veggies. I’d usually whip up a batch of spaghetti and meatballs but a different craving has been on my mind this time. Chicken Scarpariello: roasted lemon, garlic, and herb chicken on the bone. I have this dish whenever I […]