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Get it Right

In about a year, I’ve gained XX lbs. I blame the post wedding bliss and lack of wedding planning stress. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Right before the holidays I decided to get serious and was at least able to stop the uphill climb of the scale. But that didn’t do anything […]

Curry Shrimp & Veggie Stir-Fry

This calorie counting thing is no joke. If I’m home, it just involves a little advance planning. If I’m on the go, it involves a massive amount of willpower, hunger pains, and a herculean amount of willpower. After having a 1700 calorie dinner at a fantastic Mexican restaurant in San Diego, I was ready to […]

Back to Calorie Counting

Calorie counting worked really well for me.  It helped me lose and keep off 12 love pounds and it has reset my idea of what enough food is even when I’m not actively calorie counting.  Now I still have 20+ pounds I want to lose, but those have been with me for years now they’re […]

My Decision

Thanks to all who chimed in on my post regarding those twelve effing pounds.  I appreciate the encouragement.  You all helped to turn a very crappy day into one that wasn’t so bad.  I’ve taken the many suggestions into consideration and have an initial plan. I know I need to keep a food diary because […]

12 Pounds

At my doctor’s appointment, I weighed 12 pounds more than I had at the last visit. The last visit was 6 months ago. 12 pounds in 6 months. I’m disgusted. Just thinking about it upsets me.  This is the 6 months where I’ve been cooking more, exercising sporadically, eating lots of produce, and subscribed to […]

Green Smoothie

Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder discussed cleanses and detoxes on GMA in mid-July.  She poo-poohed the Master Cleanse (hot lemonade) as well as some other popular cleansing diets. Instead, she recommends replacement of one daily meal the with a green smoothie.  The smoothie is a blend of fruits, veggies, and herbs, whose alkalinity will detox the body […]

The 14-day Challenge

Friday marked the last day of my 14 13 day challenge.   And before I gobbled down a breakfast loaded with carbs on Saturday morning, I had my final weigh in.  Here are the results: Weight: – 5.8 pounds Waist: – 1.5 inches Hips: – 1 inch Thigh: – 1 inch Arm: – 1 inch I’m judging […]

Working is Harmful to My Diet

The 14-day Challenge

I totally fell off the wagon for exercising every workday with my coworkers.  Consequently, the last 20 pounds have increased.  Ahhh.  So now I’m trying  a new tactic.  I’m going to follow Monnie’s 14-day challenge with a few tweaks.  Rules are as follows: Weigh in and take measurements on the first and last day of […]