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Grocery Expense

How much do you spend on groceries?  How many people are you buying for?  How often do you buy them? Advertisements


While grocery shopping this weekend, I was struck by something odd.  The meat only came in “family packs” with nothing in portions for 1-2 people.  I needed 1 pound of flank steak but the pieces started in sizes of almost 2 pounds.  The same was true of chicken breasts, pork chops, ribs, and almost everything else […]

Safeway Lowers Prices 25%

Safeway stores in the Mid-Atlantic have reduced prices up to 25%.  The price reductions are targeted to staples that consumers buy regularly — coffee, paper products, and laundry supplies.  I’ve always viewed Safeway as more expensive than Giant.  So for someone like me, who doesn’t want to shop at multiple stores, is Safeway a better deal?  […]