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Samurai Cereal

Ingredients 1 cup steel cut oats 1/2 cup cracked wheat 1/4 cup barley 1/4 wheat berries 1/4 cup ground flax 5 cups water Pinch of salt (optional) Directions Mix all ingredients and simmer  on top of the stove for 30 minutes.  Serve with dried fruit, coconut, nuts, maple syrup, etc. This cereal tastes like whole-grain […]

Nutrition Books

Hey Readers! Can any of you recommend a book on nutrition?  Ideally, I want a book that covers the digestive process and how specific foods may affect the typical digestive process.  I also want a better understanding of the links between the digestive system and the immune system. If you have any recommendations, kindly leave […]

My Decision

Thanks to all who chimed in on my post regarding those twelve effing pounds.  I appreciate the encouragement.  You all helped to turn a very crappy day into one that wasn’t so bad.  I’ve taken the many suggestions into consideration and have an initial plan. I know I need to keep a food diary because […]

What if Organic Food Isn’t Healthier

CNN just published an article stating that a British study found organic food to be no healthier than conventional food. Organic food is no healthier or more nutritious than regular food. But it is more expensive. That’s according to a study commissioned by the British government and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. […]

Green Smoothie

Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder discussed cleanses and detoxes on GMA in mid-July.  She poo-poohed the Master Cleanse (hot lemonade) as well as some other popular cleansing diets. Instead, she recommends replacement of one daily meal the with a green smoothie.  The smoothie is a blend of fruits, veggies, and herbs, whose alkalinity will detox the body […]

Citrus Salad

I just finished a cup of Sunkist Citrus Salad.  It was the bright finish to my lunch.  I love grapefruit and have been on the lookout for portable red, pink, and white grapefruit that is NOT in sweetened syrup.  Sunkist to the rescue, their fruit salad is packed in 100% juice.  It’s quite yummy and […]


I was dragging into the office this morning and just knew that a nice hearty breakfast would serve me good.  Of course, I wanted the breakfast to be healthy too as I’m trying to maintain my girlish figure.  I headed to the cafeteria and ordered turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, wholegrain toast, and grapefruit.  Go me, healthy […]

A New Tool

My boyfriend gave me a gift tonight.  A new website – LOL.  Nutrition data has all kinds of info on the nutrient level, glycemic load, vitamin and mineral profile, etc. of all kinds of foods.  Check it out.