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Back to Calorie Counting

Calorie counting worked really well for me.  It helped me lose and keep off 12 love pounds and it has reset my idea of what enough food is even when I’m not actively calorie counting.  Now I still have 20+ pounds I want to lose, but those have been with me for years now they’re […]

My Decision

Thanks to all who chimed in on my post regarding those twelve effing pounds.  I appreciate the encouragement.  You all helped to turn a very crappy day into one that wasn’t so bad.  I’ve taken the many suggestions into consideration and have an initial plan. I know I need to keep a food diary because […]

12 Pounds

At my doctor’s appointment, I weighed 12 pounds more than I had at the last visit. The last visit was 6 months ago. 12 pounds in 6 months. I’m disgusted. Just thinking about it upsets me.  This is the 6 months where I’ve been cooking more, exercising sporadically, eating lots of produce, and subscribed to […]