Jose Andres in LA

Jose Andres has a restaurant at the SLS Hotel in LA. The menu is tapas style – as seems to be Mr. Andres style. The yummy watermelon tomato skewers from Jaleo make an appearance.

The food is ok, some items are even good. But the service is horrible. From the two restaurants to the rooftop pool, you have to track the servers down for help. I’ve twice waited 30 mins for my check.

In fact, service at this hotel is sorely lacking overall. While people are certainly nice, there is no anticipation of a guests demands. Housekeeping removes the used towels and leaves no new clean ones. Workers watch me struggle with a heavy suitcase without offering help. The front desk gets my bill wrong twice, and I spend 15 minutes waiting for the correction.

I’m giving the whole kit and caboodle a thumbs down. Spend your money elsewhere.


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