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Can Lady

\”Bag Lady\” by Ms. Erykah Badu But really, I’m the can lady. Well, maybe not yet. But look at what I spent my weekend doing…   Advertisements

Farmer’s Market

I thought peaches were done.  No seriously, in my mind Labor Day is the official end of peach and often tomato season.  My CSA is no longer offering peaches.  And I’ve watched the price slowly climb in the grocery store from $0.99/lb. in mid-summer, to $2.49/lb. now.  And tomatoes, well here again my CSA has […]

What’s for Dinner – Succotash with Okra

So, after leaving the CSA with corn, okra, tomatoes, and peppers, I decided to whip up a modified succotash. I used 4 okra pods, 1 ear of corn, one sweet pepper, and 3 orange tomatoes.  Sliced the okra and sauteed it in olive oil.  Added the corn (kernels cut from the cob) chopped pepper and […]

Pico de Gallo

I made my pico de gallo through trial and error so please, use this recipe loosely to find a combination that you love.